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  • Sexual Addiction Therapy


    The focus of the work is to enable clients to regain control over their thoughts and behaviors, releasing them from the prison of “acting out” toward experiencing freedom, peace and joy in their lives.  Clients reclaim their relationships with their families as well as with themselves.  Clients do not need to self-identify as a “sex addict” to seek and receive help and relief from the compulsive need to act on obsessive thoughts. Your clinician is specially trained in the field of Sexual Addiction and will utilize the appropriate modalities in treatment which may include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and psychoeducation, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Couples Therapy or Family Therapy.


    Spouses and partners of sexual addicts begin treatment to reduce the fear, anxiety, pain and anger they feel as a result of this life-altering discovery.  They work to make sense of their lives; the secrets, lies and secret life that were embedded in their relationships.  Our treatment assists clients in moving through their pain to regain a healthy sense of self.  We believe partners are strong, capable, independent and honest people who have suffered through a life-changing and life-threatening experience. Treatment enables partners to make thoughtful decisions about their life moving forward whether their decision is to stay in or leave their relationship.


    Research indicates that relational healing is dramatically improved when the partner has full knowledge, or “disclosure”, of the full extent of sexual acting out behaviors.

    A therapist-facilitated disclosure maximizes the potential for honesty and humility;  these are the essential components of the healing process.

    Developed to promote healing in partners, disclosure seeks to maintain mutual respect, dignity and emotional transparency while enabling partners to seek the information necessary for decision-making, insuring safety and emotional wellness.