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  • Camille Whitsett, M.Ed.

    Camille Whitsett, M.Ed., has worked as a trauma therapist for 22 years, developing sexuality education, abuse prevention, and clinically based programs with a licensed psychologist. Camille has worked as an educator, counselor, supervisor, therapist and mentor with adolescents, their families, and Intellectually Disabled/Developmentally Disabled adults; along with providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy and EMDR for survivors of sexual abuse, assaults , rape, gender based violence (GBV) and human trafficking.

    Camille has worked with children/adolescents and psychologists developing sexuality abuse prevention programs, assisted in developing sexual health curricula and provided individual counseling for sex offenders and persons who were abused.  Camille has worked in the LGBTQ community as a therapist with both adults and adolescents who were survivors of trauma, co-morbidity, and substance abuse. Camille also worked with Intellectually Disabled/Developmentally Disabled adults doing one-on-one counseling and educational workshops focusing on establishing healthy relationships and effectively communicating personal boundaries to staff, peers, and co-workers at Adult Day Programs. While in Italy, Camille volunteered at Linea Rosa, a domestic abuse organization, providing information to the organization about the Philadelphia Anti-Stalking law. This information was provided with the hope of creating collaboration amongst the hospitals, law enforcement and social services agencies to provide supportive and protective measures for survivors/victims of gender-based violence.

    Camille had the honor of doing volunteer work in human trafficking with mentor, Sr. Teresita Hinnegan, developing point person protocol programs for hospital and health centers staff and CEO’s and assisting in her presentation in the CSW 60 at the United Nations on collaborative and coordination efforts between NGO and government agencies to develop services for Human Trafficking Survivors.

    Camille has a BA in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University, an M.Ed. in Sexuality Education from Widener University, and was recognized by the University of Bologna, Italy with a Doctorate in Sexology.